truffles and oak trees Finland
Truffles from Penttilä Finland.
indigenous truffles from Kangasniemi, Finland

Penttilä oak trees - Kangasniemi, Finland
these are the more than three hundred year old oak trees of Penttilä

Truffles have a long history in Finland. But only recently have they been discovered. So it is a proven fact that truffles can be cultivated in Finland. In 2006 an experiment to produce truffles in Finland was been started in the town of Juva; in 2008 another town, Kangasniemi, will join the experiment. We (Penttilä Estate in Kangasniemi) have joined the experiment and, if all goes well, we should have been able to produce truffles after 2010. But the Kangasniemi experiment did not succeed because the European Union decided that one experiment was enough. During the summer of 2013, by chance we found indigenous truffles in our lower forest.

Truffles are known to grow under trees like oak, hazelnut, poplar, willow. It is likely that they grow under other trees. Oak trees do grow in southern and southwestern Finland. Their habitat is confined to this area. But there are exceptions. In Kangasniemi there are a few locations where the microclimate is suitable for oaks to thrive. At Penttilä estate there are various oaks with an age of a few hundred years.

Between 1914 and now the production of truffles produced in the Perigord area, in France, has dropped from drastically - from 1800 tons in the Perigord area alone to 200 tons per year for the whole of France. Climate change, urbanization and pollution are thought to be the main causes. Now Finland is the cleanest country on earth - with the cleanest water. So the chances for truffle cultivation are better than in other parts of the world.

white truffles

"Truffles winter well in Juva garden
First crop expected in three years

the Kangasniemi truffle team, headed by Salem Shamekh

the Kangasniemi group with Salem Shamekh (center)


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