truffles and oak trees Finland

truffle project in Juvai, Finland - team leader Salem Shamekh

Salem Shamekh (center), the head of the Juva Truffle Center, is enthusiastic about the first results

"He (Salem Sjamekh) has just had promising results from his truffle-growing experiment. Truffle fungi attached to the roots of oak trees are alive and doing well.
This is a big relief to Shamekh, who has been promoting the idea of truffle cultivation in Finland for many years.
All last winter he was anxious to know if he might have been too optimistic. The oak seedlings inoculated with truffles nevertheless survived winter temperatures of less than -30 degrees Celsius.
"With this result, I am sure that we will get Finnish truffles.

The truffle mycelium of his experimental plot is still nearly microscopic, and it will be a couple of years before a harvest is possible. Shamekh calculates that the first summer truffles might be dug up in three years' time.
The Truffle Center has planted oak seedlings on 16 fields around South Savo. Virpi Haikarainen in Juva says that the 46 trees do not need much care."

Juhani Saarinen - wrote in the Helsingin Sanomat (04/11/2007)


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